Alchemist &
People Leader

I believe in:

Power through collaboration

peaceful ingenuity

Our relationships to each other are paramount and the reason for being here.

I believe in people and their stories and that honest living is the cornerstone of our purpose.

We have a calling to be kind and to support each other with love and to create cultural environments that demonstrate justice, empowerment and equality.

my life fuels my purpose

I create circles of leadership not ladders and spaces of independence and community that  honour our impact and nourish our purpose.

I believe and practice the path of creating safe spaces for honest human experiences to flourish and bloom. I build strong flexible robust environments/communities that celebrate people’s talents, support their dreams, and spark creative curiosity. I believe in truths and stories that form our unique beings. I ignite fires of justice and I stand up strong.


to learn and to love, to grow and create.

to be of service and to move through life with love. 

to bring more love into people’s lives through honest connections

The only thing that matters is how we are with each other.

Lead with love

Hold out a hand in kindness

Celebrate honesty

Be curious


Director of Operations

25 years+ of retail and operations management experience at all tiers, local and global.

15 years+ of leadership leading unique and diverse teams large and intimate

10 years+ leading operations, developing operating systems, processes, vendor relationships and executing the opening of physical locations

Developed profoundly successful coaching tools and programs for leaders 

Designed hiring and training practices that prompted cross functional community based work environments with high accountability and productivity

Developed and delivered multiple series of SOP manuals, operational and logistical systems

10 years+ of assessing teams and systems and unsticking them

Served as a powerful liaison between departments to create systems that benefited the overall goals of the organizations while celebrating the individual

Created safe spaces and environments for teams to flourish 


I am a mother to an awesome human.

I am a bike rider, outdoor and urban adventurer.

I am a story collector. I love bike riding, collecting images and connections. I was raised in a creative family driven by justice.

Working in operations and retail over the course of my career has connected me to hundreds of incredible people.

I’m truly inspired by people. I’m very passionate about my relationships.

I embrace grit and hard work. 

I’m committed to learning and growing. I’m curious and excited about life. I believe that our greatest gift is living our truth. I am a truth seeker.

As I grow community.
My community grows me.


I acknowledge that we are hosted on the lands of the Mississaugas of the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Wendat lands. I also recognize the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis and the Inuit peoples throughout all of these lands. As a white cisgendered woman and mother of a person of colour, I am committed to educating myself and investing in the dismantling of racist oppressive systems.

Thank YOU!

I am exceeding grateful for the support of my friends and my community, specifically these creatives for this journey and website.

Site design – Aaron Benson
Photography – Ryan Anthony
Illustrations – Nanako Iwata
Guide – Urszula Lipsztajn